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Just a tiny glimpse of the photos I'm currently editing. This is from 2 weeks ago when I was at my cousin's wedding in Denmark. I didn't realise how much I missed taking photos. It was such a beautiful day and taking photos of people so full of life and love is simply wonderful. Sometimes I kind of think that I'm "done with photography" until I take some photos again and after that I don't even want to to anything else. I will definitely try to start taking more photos, but I also realised that I prefer to take photos at events like this or do portrait shootings. I love photography in general, but taking photos of people is still the most fun and interesting... Editing has also been fun, but since I've been working a lot, I haven't been making that much progress. I will try to get some more photos done tonight and finish on Wednesday or Thursday. So to everyone who has been (im)patiently waiting, you'll have the photos by the end of this week the latest!

Talk to you soon!

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